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Volume Full Set

105 mins | 185$

Volume Fill

75 mins | 85$

Volume Mini Fill

30 mins | 50$

Volume Extended Fill

90 mins | 115$

Mega Volume Full Set

150 mins | 215$

Volume Fill

90 mins | 115$

Mega Volume Mini Fill

45 mins | 60$

Mega Volume Extended Fill

90 mins | 135$

Outside Fill

75 mins | 100$

Lash Removal

30 mins | 40$

Allergy Test

15 mins | 0$

Meet Lily
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About Me

I am a twenty-something-year-old beauty industry professional with over ten years of experience in eyelash extensions. I am four times lash certified and I specialize in volume and mega volume lashes only. I am so passionate about what I do, and I hope my work shows that!


I’m excited to meet you!


“Exactly what I was looking for! I barely have any lashes and Marchand made me look more glamorous than other lash artists I’ve ever had."


"Marchand is absolutely amazing!! If your looking for a trustworthy lash lady to actively listen to your wants, needs, and worries this is your place. The studio is VERY clean and comfortable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

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